Hole in the wall


This cozy, hole-in-the-wall little restaurant next to Rue du Renard is a hidden gem of Paris, and the best place to eat a traditional fondue or a raquelette. Ok, not so “hidden”, it’s so notorious among gastronomy lovers that a reservation 2-3 days in advance is mandatory if you hope to be able to clog your arteries with cholesterol (but indeed a mouth-watering cholesterol).

The best choice is probably the “fondue savoyarde”, a classic with emmental, beaufort, comté, white wine, kirsch and spices: accompany it with a plate of mixed cured meat, and some boiled potatoes, and you will go out of there with a big smile on your face and a full belly. A good bottle of cider is necessary to gulp down all that cheese of course!

For dessert, they recommended the cheesecake, a house specialty, and I can guarantee it was definitela great piece of advice.

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