Hole in the wall


Beetroot Gaspacho with goat cheese, a thick juicy steak, their signature Le Hot Duck as appetizer… these are only a few of the savory items on the menu that you’ll find here at the Michel Rostang’s L’Absinthe. It is run by Michel Rostang’s daughter, Caroline, who presents a soft, “hip” version of Rostang’s cuisine in this renovated old place. Pair that with a chilled carafe of Beaujolais and you’ve got yourself a memorable meal. Adding to the charm of this family bistro is its location on the Marche St. Honore, a pedestrian area and market square hidden between the Eglise St. Roch and Place Vendome. And let’s not forget the handcrafted absinthe cocktails, the namesake of this little gem. Though if sitting out on this picturesque terrace on a Parisian market square and pedestrian zone is your idea of a perfect end to a wonderful day, then rest assured there are plenty of cocktails and a solid wine list, too, to choose from for your down time.

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