• Hole in the wall,  Restaurants


    Hidden gem, delicious meat. This is a somewhat unique way of roasting directly over charcoal and wood, right in front of your eyes.

    Order a çag kebap with a salad and yogurt and enjoy the thinly sliced, slightly crispy lamb meat on skewers served together with freshly made pancakes.

    The place is not large. Some tables outside, some inside and there is an upper floor. Service is fast, people smiling and it is hygienic. 

    Don’t expect to linger around in your post-meal bliss – it’s a place with a lot of turnaround where people get served and leave fairly quickly. Fairly inexpensive.

    ☎ (212) 520-3361

    Hocapaşa Sokak 6



  • Hole in the wall,  Restaurants


    This popular restaurant near Divan Yolu has the typical style of the pizza places on the Black Sea (Karadeniz). It serves pide and kebap and it is crowded with merchants from the neighborhood. You can sit comfortably at one of the indoor tables (local women usually sit upstairs but they are not strict with tourists) or at one of the outdoor tables in the cobbled street.

    They don’t serve alcohol.

    Try not to confuse this salon with the ones around, that has very similar names but are not at the same level. This one is at the corner of Biçki Yurdu Sokak.

    ☎ 212-528 6290

    www. karadenizpide.net; Haci Tahsinbey Sokak 7


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